Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume


Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood is going to be one of the hottest costumes this Halloween! The easiest way to dress up like Sookie is to start with the “Inspired by Sookie” set from the HBO Store:

Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume

The Sookie set features a Merlotte’s Bar and Grill logo shirt and apron just like the ones that Sookie wears in the television show. You can buy it in size small through 3X-Plus. Pair it with a pair of short black shorts and wear your hair up in a blond ponytail. You can also buy the Merlotte’s Logo t-shirt separately. According to HBO, Sookie also wears black Nike tennis shoes like these:
Sookie Stackhouse Shoes

These are Nike Sweet Classic Canvas shoes in Black and White. It is getting hard to find the exact ones in canvas with the white laces but Zappos has a couple like them online right now. (White laces but no Swoosh or black laces with a grey Swoosh)

If your hair isn’t blonde or isn’t long enough, you’ll need a wig. This one is from and would work pretty well because Sookie’s blonde hair is a big part of her whole look:
Lexi Ponytail (Blonde) Adult Wig

Adult blonde wig from (sells for less than $17)

Here’s a Wrap Around Pony available at Vogue Wigs that would also work. It’s the perfect length to get the look of Sookie’s hair. You can either get one in your own color to make it match your hair or go with the lighter blonde version to make it look just like hers.

If you want to go a little bit further, you could add a couple of vampire bites to your neck. Try using a red marker for a free option. If you want something that will stick on with a little bit of dimension, here are a couple of vampire bite tattoos that you can get from Celebrate Express pretty cheap:
Vampire Bite

Vampire Bite

Vampire Bite Tattoos

Vampire Bite Tattoos

You could actually use the bloody bite mark on your neck and the tattoos in other places like your inner thigh or wrists. I’m pretty sure that Sookie had vampire bites on both (as well as many other places!).

One last thing that you can use to make your Sookie Stackhouse Costume more realistic would be to get some accessories such as a couple of these Merlotte’s pint glasses to carry on a tray or even a couple of bottles of Tru Blood. they are all available from the HBO Store Online:

Tru Blood Beverage - 4 Pack

Tru Blood Beverage – 4 Pack

True Blood Beverage Logo Pint

True Blood Beverage Logo Pint

One last touch would be to add the Sookie Stackhouse Engagement ring!

What are your ideas for a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume? Do you plan on dressing up? Will you be bringing Eric, Alcide, or Bill with you as your date?

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